Lilac Snow Silk Scrunchie
Lilac Snow Silk Scrunchie
Lilac Snow Silk Scrunchie
Lilac Snow Silk Scrunchie


Lilac Snow Silk Scrunchie

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This silk scrunchie is made from 100% silk. It is handmade and hand dyed with locally sourced botanicals. No harsh chemicals were used in this process. The Lilac Snow scrunchie, has an underlay of creme white with hints of lilac, yellow and at times may have hints of blue and green. 

Please take note that all scrunchies are one of a kind, no two are ever the exact same, which is truly the beauty of this dying process. Some may have more of a particular colour in them, than others. 

All scrunchies come in an individual gift box, with a card stating what they were dyed with.  

Silk scrunchies makes your mane stay healthy and damage-free. Silk will help retain the moisture in the hair shaft, preventing breakage, and won't cause ridges in the hair.

Composition: 100% Silk Satin

Size: One size, 16cm in diameter.

Cold water spot clean ONLY. Do not use any chemicals to clean the silk.