About Me

The chandler, the creator, the risk taker and bath bomb maker...       

Hi there, my name is Sophie, the founder of Sofia.Kay. Thank you for taking the time to drop by, and read my story. From a young age I knew I wanted my career to be creative. When I finished school I studied fashion design, I learned many techniques during my diploma, with my favourite class being print class. I soon realised I couldn’t express my creativity in many ways by being confined to fashion. So I decided I wanted to create and design unique gifts.

In 2015 I designed my famous one size fits all gift tee and started to print tees making different collections to suit different personalities, that were easy to gift. 
I then decided to branch out making candles, home decor, bath and products and more.

I’m always learning new techniques and expanding my skills, so I’m able to create new unique products, that are made /designed in Australia. You can always count on finding something in my store, you haven’t seen anywhere else, as I love to put my own spin on things.

So follow me on this creative journey and gift something handmade and truly unique to your loved ones, or why not yourself!

Still wondering how I came up with the name Sofia.Kay? My name in English is Sophie, but my name in Greek is Sofia ! My last name starts with a K and there you have it, mystery solved!

Sophie XX