Pixie Brew Tub Tea


Pixie Brew Tub Tea

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Behold my magical Pixie brew! From a far away land pixies are gathering the perfect ingredients, so we could bathe in the perfect brew, made of pixie dust and magical things, that work wonders for your skin!

These giant tea bags are made for your bath, extracting all the essence of these magical ingredients, without the feeling of raw ingredients against your skin. Just place the tea bag under warm running water and squeeze out the essence into your bath. Then let your tea bag soak in the bath for 15mins while your skin revitalises! Then discard of bag.


Ingredients: Dried rose petals, Pink Clay, Epsom salts, Cocoa butter, Himalayan salt, Rose petal powder, Colour and Rose essential oil.

Magical ingredients:

Pink Clay:
Pink Clay is rich in Silica, which may help to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal, resulting in supple, younger-looking skin. Gently exfoliating and light on the skin, Pink Clay leaves skin feeling silky-soft and smooth. Plus, it can help to minimise blackheads and promote a radiant and balanced complexion.

Rose Petal Powder:
Research shows that rose petal powder has skin anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits the inflammatory response produced by exposure to UV rays. Rose petal powder thus can reduce ageing effects.

Epsom Salt:
Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) help with muscle pain. It may also reduce swelling and inflammation. It is said that Epsom salt draws out toxins and increases relaxation.

Cocoa Butter:
Cocoa butter is high in fatty acids, it has the ability to hydrate and nourish the skin and improve elasticity. The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture.

Himalayan Salt:
Himalayan Pink Salt becomes a powerful detoxifier as this ionic salt solution helps extract the toxins from your skin and tissues. The Himalayan pink salt penetrates your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and nourished. Soaking in a Himalayan salt crystal bath is like recharging your batteries. As your body organs resonate with the natural frequency of the minerals in the salt bath, your body is being recharged and energized, boosting metabolism and triggering its self-healing powers.

Networth: 3 x 50g bags